Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Restoration of Tower Bridge

Invited by a friend was able to attend this great event. 
Walking there this was my view

The event took place on the top passage
  A re-cap of the speech about the restoration process

AFTER three years of grit-blasting, paint analysis, abseiling engineers, scaffolding, cradles and polyethylene wraps, the most famous bridge in the world has been restored to all its majestic glory – and the raising of the Bridge is back!
The major restoration of Tower Bridge, which only takes place every 25 years, was completed at the end of March and with the polyethylene wraps removed from the freshly painted bascules, the bridge is now back in full operational mode and open to shipping. The first vessel to pass through will be the MV Dixie Queen at 5.30pm on Saturday 2 April.

Then drinks & canapés ....

Best of all we got the VIP treatment, the Chef himself brought a platter just for us...after the millions of canapés we had we were still ready for some more! 

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