Friday, 30 September 2011

UK Bungee Club @ Tower Bridge - Sunday 25 of September

Another amazing 'felt like summer day' at London.

UK Bungee Club was at Tower Bridge people were able to bungee jump and have the amazing experience 

The UK Bungee Club (UKBC) was established in 1992 and is the market leader for Bungee Jumping in the UK. 

still on the ground

come on board...

getting ready...

even the camera man

up they go...

up some more...

160ft high for the Bungee Jump

the jump


one more time but this time via video

you can take as a souvenir a DVD with your bungee jump
love their slogan: 'The Day I Stretched Life Further'

and/or pictures

Check their site out

Just brilliant!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Design Museum -Sept 25, 2011 - Anglepoise Lamp give away

Found out that the first 50 people to buy a ticket to the Design Museum on Sunday 25 September would get a a FREE Anglepoise lamp Type 1228 special edition!
The Design Museum to celebrate the 2011 London Design Festival was giving away 50 Anglepoise lamps on Sunday 25th, 2011.
Lovely sunny Sunday morning as shown below I head over to the Design Museum at what I thought was early enough 

The Anglepoises formed a display in the Design Museum Tank to celebrate the museum's Kenneth Grange exhibition and today 50 Anglepoises were given away as ex-display. 

Launched in 2004 the Anglepoise Type 1228 designed by Kenneth Grange is now available with a Daffodil Yellow lampshade which is exclusive to the Design Museum Shop for the duration of the exhibition Kenneth Grange: Making Britain Modern.

where the Anglepoise Lamps were exhibited

People that were lucky enough to be the first ones at the Museum entrance
well, they were there since 5:45 am

As for me, I was almost the last one in the queue...

still decided to enjoy the sunny morning and take pictures to share with you all

see Tower Bridge and the queue

I was the last one at 8:45 am

view from where I was standing

Josephine, lovely lady came outside and started giving out  envelopes to the lucky winners

inside the envelope...

This letter saying...
the Anglepoise Lamp you have received is an ex-display. This means that it cannot be returned or exchanged by either the Design Museum or Anglepoise.

to assemble the stand and the lamp

quick video of Josephine explaining the terms and conditions

the last envelope inside Jospehine's box and the ones that will not get a lamp...

As a compensation, she offered them free tickets for the Design Museum :)

happy they took them

I went back home with no lamp but, having enjoyed a sunny London morning :)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Legoland Florida Launch Event @ The Soho Hotel

GoshPR invited London via my iPhone to The Soho Hotel for the Legoland Florida launch event where my iPhone and I met the team of Legoland Europe and had the opportunity to hear the plans for the new Legoland which will open on October 15, 2011 in Central Florida.

this is Legoland

the speech by Jo Eckersley
UK Public Relations

quick video from Central Florida

The Lego Wizard attending the event

Central Florida Legoland Site Map

on the drinks table

inside the cocktail room 

the decor...

globe of Legoland

Lovely team from Do Something at the event

Hopefully see you in Legoland