Monday, 23 April 2012

Meat Liquor

Have you tried the best burger in London yet?
If the answer is no, then you must go to:

view from outside of Meat Liquor...
just behind Oxford Street

view from the inside...

 the d├ęcor: graffitied walls, blaring AC/DC, no crockery 

the food menu...

the liquor menu
some drinks are served in jam jars...

the paper napkins to share and let me tell you, you will need plenty

the friendly staff...


 St. Thomas 
Created by Sir Thomas Ward, Bombay Sapphire Gin shaken & served straight up with fresh lime fresh pink grapefruit, and aperol sugar

 Plates are a thing of the past @ Meat Liquor 
the burgers are juicy served incredibly rare and greasy 
(just the way they should be)

try their fried pickles 
simply... out of this world.

The queuing has always been massive and long, but I was luckyn and only waited 5 minutes.

Love their saying:
"If there is a Q when you arrive, you join the end of it. NO exceptions, even if your friend/date/boss/probation officer/master/gimp is already inside."

Cause at the end it will for sure be worth the wait and the calories :)

Will be back for the chili fries & fried pickles :)

Best burger in Britain - thanks to Yianni Papoutsis & Scott Collins