Friday, 1 April 2011

The Changing of the Guard @ Buckingham Palace

If you would like to see the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, it is worth considering arriving there at least 1 hour prior. 
Well, that is if you want to be in the first row standing spot, like I did. Yes, you will be standing for a couple of hours if not more. If it is a nice sunny day it is worth the while, wait and standing!

Below are some pictures captured by my iPhone of the 

Changing of the Guard and a video as well:

This Guard and another one you are not able to see walked the same path (from the Palace to the gate) like at least 100 times

Finally the Guards making their entrance to the Palace

Reporting the news (could it be the gossip?)

Hear them by clicking on the link below:

Some interesting facts:
Buckingham Palace was opened to the Public for the first time in 1993, however it is still also the official London residence of the sovereign. 
You can always tell if the Queen is in residence, by looking at the flagpole on top of the Palace, if the flag is flying then 'the Queen is at home'!