Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Museum of Everything Exhibition # 4 @Selfridges

Yours in Everything, The Museum of Everything 
Opens September 2nd until October 25th, 2011

The Museum of Everything presents Exhibition # 4 at Selfridges

follow the red arrows once inside Selfridges leading you the Ultralounge to see...

over 400 drawings, paintings & sculptures by international contemporary artists for whom creation is not just art, it is language

Exhibition # 4 is art from studios for self-taught artists around the globe

The Windows of Everything -is their re-interpretation of Oxford Street, featuring the royal fixations of Rudy Bradford, the musical letters of Harald Stoffers, the gun-toiting maidens of Giovanni Galli and an original 3D meisterwerk The City of the Future by German visionary architect Stefan Häfner

It is such a great concept and inspiring one as well - to be able to see how creative and capable these artists are and how workshops of Everything made this possible.

Not in London? You can check their digital show at
Or create your own studio at

What a wonderful way of celebrating creativity 

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