Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Let them Eat Cake! @ Wellington Arch

An exhibition of royal wedding cakes and cake designs through the ages - with the chance of the occasional bite to nibble on. I never was able to nibble on any cake 

Victorian Style Wedding Tier

Butcher's Cake

Buckingham Palace

Royal Wedding Cake

 The Coat of Arms of Belize

George and the Dragon

The Royal Coat of Arms

It Must be (Royal) Love

 Portrait of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

Wills & Kate Top the Cake!

Le Cordon Bleu London


Interesting Facts...

9 FT high and weighed 500 lbs. 

A piece of cake sold...

Pure white icing symbolized the purity and virginity of the bride...

Only in the Georgian period we see the cake as we know it...

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