Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bompas & Parr Chocolate Waterfall @ Whiteleys

Bompas & Parr were celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the film musical 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory' (one of my favorite movies when I was a child), by creating a walk-through chocolate fountain. 

Even though their website clearly stated that they were sold out, I just had to go. My urge to be drowned in smooth delicious chocolate, while wading my way under the chocolate fall was too big. 
Luckily I got in...

While donning a protective raincoat in my mind I was already picturing me under the chocolate fall....I even had to wear shoe cover (felt like a surgeon all sterilized and ready)

I am so ready now... to let the sweet adventure commence

 Oh! surprise or disappointment I only crossed a bridge so far away from the chocolate I had imagined would trickle down my whole persona.

Looking at the chocolate cascading into this pool of brown liquid I felt like diving into this deliciousness

This was what I can say somewhat interesting as the chocolate falls into this pool it created the following...

Yes, I would have loved to fall into this amazing pool of chocolate but...

I only got to pick a glass bottle to fill it with chocolate...

Thank goodness I had my protective gear on to do so!

And now I have my souvenir, my own chocolate waterfall in a bottle...

Came back home and read the following again and this is my conclusion:

Participants will receive a chocolate waterfall survival kit consisting of a protective suit and umbrella, before walking through flowing chocolate to take part in a workshop to create chocolate treats to take home. Entry is by timed ticket; see the website for booking details.

Survival kit = a plastic rain coat which I am not sure why I needed to wear it. Since there was not that much chocolate mist
Umbrella = never saw it
Walking through flowing chocolate = Still my dream to be come true one day ;)
Take part in a workshop to create chocolate treats to take home = I asked the girl if I can filled my own bottle as opposed to her filling it for me...

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