Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chilango Opening @ Chancery Lane

Never have been a Mexican food lover, much less fast food Mexican....but I can tell you that these Burritos are soooo good....could it be due to their "promise" - "At Chilango, we’re committed to delivering great tasting food, day-in, day-out". 

Huge line-up outside
FREE BURRITOS FROM 12:00 pm until 8:00pm

nice band that created a great ambience...

Getting closer to place my order...

Super nice staff taking the order...had a tough time deciding between pork, chicken or beef. 

Hard working staff serving millions of people

My burrito on its way...went for chicken & beef

I do recommend coming here for a Burrito....
The staff t-shirts are just genius - 
Especially the ones for the girls...
"Mamacitas" (In Spanish way meaning "hot mamas") the back of the T-shirt "Size does Matter" and I cannot agree more! What? What are you thinking...the Burritos are generous in size ;)

Take away bag if the size of the burrito is too big ;) 

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