Thursday, 30 June 2011

Marketing Week - Olympia 29-30 June , 2011

The Inspirational Marketing Event
or how I like to call it a place where you can mingle and most of all network with Marketing people

Interacting with ladies on stilts guiding you to their stands

 Below the sequence of what I call a great way to promote the  Martini brand

                        2 cl Martini Rosso

1 cl whiskey 
3 dashes Angostura Bitter
2 cl Martini Rosso

View from an angle....

More stands demonstrating what they can produce...

Award winning P.O.P


Void of colour

View from the second floor...

Lots of interesting conferences and seminars were offered throughout the day

Please do contact these people when in need of a logo pen...they have some amazing pens that will cater to the need of your client

Promotional Merchandise: such as an ice-cream cone
delivers results!

with blue syrup (it was bubble gum flavour)

Russ: Have your slogan or logo printed on a teddy bear

Or a mug...

Interesting approach of getting my attention as I passed by this stand....

This guy asked me to write down on a "post it" how many "post -its" I believed were posted on the wall
My guess was 500, he answered: "Not a bad guess" and I was then entered to win an iPad 2....still today I do not know how many they had posted and assume I did not win as they did not contact me:(

View from the second floor to where you sat down to hear one of the many conferences going on. 
I loved how it looked and wanted to share with you all.

Now this is the view of the stage...

The data Marketing show...

Cool interactive AD as you can stand behind and be projected...

Will certainly go again next year as you can establish good contacts that can assist you in your future projects.
A must for all the Marketing people out there!

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