Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gaucho @Broadgate

I generally am not very excited to eat at chain restaurants however, this is a must as you feel you are in Argentina having their meats melt in your mouth....
This Gaucho Broadgate location has a contemporary and sleek glass bar and alfresco terrace. Which is where I enjoyed for the first time my Gaucho experience....

As London had an amazing sunny day I am sitting in their lovely terrace
The view from my seat on one side...the cow hide wall (love it)

The nice staff comes and shows you the cuts of meat they serve...not only do they explain each one but recommend you the one that will be the best choice for your specific taste!

Nice menus
Food menu, cocktail menu and the wine menu

Bread my fav is the pao de queijo (this is typical from Brasil, though and not Argentina)

Next to the breads you have coarse salt & pepper 

and chimichurri (oil infused with garlic and spices) 

Beautifully cooked to perfection "Bife Ancho" 

Mouth watering and melting "Bife de Cuadril" (cooked bleu)

To die for chips (not sure if you know, but I am a potato lover and these chips are one of my fav)

Nice  touch toothpicks 
(prefer to see the people using them in the loo and not while still on the table)

Picture of the bar inside

 The other side of the bar

Cowhide wall 

I will for sure go back and try the cocktails next time as I decided on an Argentinean wine on my first Gaucho experience...

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