Thursday, 2 June 2011

Exclusive Ninetyeight Bar & Lounge Club

Ninetyeight Bar & Lounge Club  is not just a bar in Shoreditch it is so much more...
Sit back and relax on their Louis XIV style furniture surrounded by an assortment of glass jars holding tempting sweet candies.
The natural flair for design of the owner has artfully blended so many styles providing the right place to unwind and enjoy. 
Become a child again as this place is all about toys & candy!
Taste creative cocktails accompanied by the surprising treats that the lovely staff offers can nibble on sweet popcorn, chili cashews, peanuts or have a strawberry or blackberry lollipop. 

The entrance...
be welcomed by the friendly staff...

and by  Wendy Shoreditch....the Head of Clucking 

Wendy's fans

The bar

Sweet popcorn

The bar from another angle...

Cinnamon infused Rum and Gin

Bubble Gum infused vodka and pineapple infused Rum

Original wall and ceiling décor

Bohemian and English China piled high add to Ninetyeight's unique character

French inspired chairs and Spanish patio coffee tables

Beautiful clock

Souvenir from a Safari?

Elegant piano in the inside patio

Separate bar & stools for a party

Please do not sit on this chair

Love the rubber duckies 

The loo with rubber ducky illuminating you ..

the baby duckies lined up 

You might also want to join them for a Mixology Masterclass. To book call:  0207 7294141.

Be seduced by their drinks...
Could I possible be able to describe what it is to drink such cocktails? I will try my best but it is best if you go and try them!
I decided to go for the Labito cocktail as it is a version of a mojito (one of my fav drinks).
A mixture of Lavander infused rum, mint & blueberries, that is what I am talking about...see it for yourself.

Preparing my drink...

Labito cocktail 

 Coffee-infused drinks 
Strawberry Bean
 where the berries and coffee become the perfect match

It's casual, romantic, bohemian is the Ninetyeight for trendy crowds

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