Saturday, 27 August 2011

Beehive Inspection with Nick Mead @ Eden Caterers

Nick Mead one of the Directors of Eden Caterers takes us through his Beehive Inspection 

Meet Nick Mead

Location: Eden Caterers Ltd

Please check out the following videos so you can learn as I did the process of the inspection of a Beehive narrated by Nick a  Beehive expert!

Nick explains why he has a beehive. Not in for the money but for a good cause. He uses the honey for his catering business - Eden Caterers

Nick searching for the Queen Bee among about 25,000 bees...

Still checking...

some more checking...

Nick Mead shows how a Beehive Inspection is carried out

In the hunt for the Queen bee to find out if she laid some eggs...

We found the Queen Bee!

Closing the beehive...

This yellow board is to collect the Varroa (which are external parasitic mites that attack honey bees) that have dropped from the hive and allows Nick to see if Varroa mites are present

This yellow board is placed on top of the beehive 

The beehive box

Placing the top cover...till the next inspection or extraction of honey 
Many thanks Nick it was amazing ;)

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