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Hyper Japan 2011

The UK's J-Culture Event 
Hyper Japan 2011 @ Olympia Two
Launched in 2010, Hyper Japan is all about Japanese cuisine, culture and cool all for a great cause = Help Japan

The Mambonsai interesting bonsai...

Funny how Kate & Will are in one of their bonsai's

Samples of Yakult were present. the bottle contains: Lots and lots of very good stuff. 6.5 billion friendly bacteria to be precise. Called Lactobacillus casei Shirota, they are named after Dr Shirota who cultivated this unique probiotic strain.
It is indeed very tasty!

Samples and opportunity to purchase Akashi-Tai Sake & Shochu
They pride themselves on maintaining a traditional handcrafted approach to creating the finest Japanese sake.

Another view of their stand

Asahi Beer stand was present selling beer on the spot....
Love the name which means "Rising Sun" in Japanese

 Since opening in 1960, Hasegawasaketen has been a landmark sake store and earned a reputation for being a distinctive resource of artisan sakes.
During Hyper Japan they were giving samples of sushi which was made on site and also freshly made TakoYaki octopus fried balls for purchase.
Tried them and I can say it has an interesting taste...

Cocoro Restaurant 
Opportunity to purchase different dishes of authentic Japanese cuisine such as the TakoYaki (octopus fried balls), curry rice, pork curry...

YakiTori (teriyaki chicken) among others

Edamame, Vegetable Gyoza Ramen and much more was offered by Bento Cafe.
A must go when in Camden

Yo!Sushi ready to pick up some sushi
Sampling some of their wasabi & spicy snacks...

SO Restaurant and "SO Sushi"
Contemporary Japanese Dining

cutting salmon on site...

Man Puku Tei stand 
The one with the biggest line-up I must admit they had a very interesting menu...
I had the Udon noodles with Prawn tempura very nice...

Dragon's Tail was freshly made and ready to taste...

Preparing the Dragon's Tail and a close-up of the Prawn Tempura served on top of the Udon noddles

Hands on Sushi classes were part of the entertainment 

Sushi in the making...

Made in Kyoto Japan 
Use paper pipes only. All you have to do is to cut with your scissors, assemble the pipe pieces and you will have a space robot with movable joints

Fancy getting all dressed-up as a Geisha or a typical Japanese? Well if so, Hyper Japan was offering it and they took a picture as a nice souvenir

Interviewing some of the ladies dressed-up Japanese style...

Some more...

A real Japanese...

Some more...

Now that is a cool wig...

Fancy playing some video games?

Display of Japanese Art

Japanese comics...

Japanese crafts

Hello Kitty Mania...

Alternative millinery and hair candy

Now this is not real food - but miniature Japanese gadgets like real food 

 Cosplay Portrait ready to capture the moment...

Japanese fashion

 Japanese Maid Cafe Experience
Located on the lower level you were able to enjoy all you can drink coffee or tea and some sweets served by the Japanese Maids

Make a wish for Japan

Japanese man writing in Japanese for all attendees 
made a great souvenir 

A Manga Drawing workshop so you can enter...

the Manga Drawing Competition 

Japanese lady teaching how to do flowers from colourful napkins...
they looked amazing and not that difficult to make them...

Origami workshop for all...

Japanese crafts 

Bought a nice pair of earrings very original  

Karate demonstration

Sendai Tanabata Festival - Make a Wish for Japan

Many wrote messages to the people in Japan...

 15th Japan Media Arts Festival screens

Eat-Japan Sushi Awards 2011
UK Sushi Roll Championship 

First ever female Japanese sushi chef to take part in the Eat-Japan Sushi Awards
Sushi Chef - Matsuri St. James

Precious Memories Roll

Precious Memories 
A very creative roll with an amazing explosion of tastes 


Asuka Kobayas talks about her award wining Precious Memories Roll

Tomokazu MATSUYA
Head Sushi Chef of SO Restaurant
He has been working as a professional chef since 1987

Creamy Roll 

Tomokazu MATSUYA what is to be discovered inside his Creamy Roll 

Executive Chef - Feng Sushi
Silla is a pioneering sushi chef who is dedicated to seasonality and sustainability.

Pity Silla was not around when I was so I was not able to capture a video of her...

Head Chef - Chisou Restaurant
Dham learned the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine, culture and style during his time living and working in Japan.

Seafood Garden Roll 

Dham KODITUWAKKU and his Seafood Garden Roll 

Thomas NAM
Head Chef of Moshi Moshi
Serving up some of the very best sushi in the UK while ensuring that the menu is environmentally friendly as well as delicious

Thomas NAM with Water Please! Roll

Voting Form 

After tasting all nominated sushi rolls the voting ballots were to be placed inside the Voting Box

Congratulation Asuka KOBAYASHI
Up and coming female sushi chef, Asuka Kobayashi, of Matsuri St. James’s, won the first ever Eat-Japan SUSHI AWARDS 2011: UK Sushi Roll Championship, sponsored by Kikkoman and Tsuno Foods. Her creation, ‘Precious Memories’, received an overwhelming number of votes from the 1800 members of the public, who decided on their favourite after tasting the five nominated chefs’ sushi entries.

A real must when in the area for a reasonable price for "sushi on the go" plus  many more Japanese goodies

Green Tea Brownies 

Japanese sweets...

This is my type of stand...

If your sugar level was running low after so much sushi...

 The Cosplay Awards 

The participants...



The judges & presenters...

Chris Eaton
Hi Wa Mata Noboru

 Vocals by Abby Scott & Japanese children 

Songwriter Chris Eaton composed Hi Wa Mata Noboru which translates into 'The Sun Will Rise Again' to inspire support for post-natural disaster Japan. Vocals are by Abby Scott and children

Natural Health & Beauty from Japan

Yaeyama Chlorella is a fresh water algae used by millions in Japan as a health food supplement. It’s remarkable nutritonal profile, containing virtually all the nutrients our bodies need for optimal health, has led nutritionists to call it “the perfect food”.

On site hair stylist...

Genki Shampoo & Conditioner

Angus Miyaji 
In charge of a very interesting exposition about HOPE for Japan please see some pictures below

Graphics showing the intensity of the earthquake

Pictures and some objects from people at the time of the disaster

Height of Tsunami compared to the size of Buckingham Palace

'Yet I still dare to hope'...

Sakura is the natural flower of Japan which blooms in spring.
The aim of this project "Sakura Front" is to send a positive message to Japan from all around the world by wearing  a Sakura brooch on every 11th of March

Kanon Wakeshima 
Japan's most prodigious musical talent 

Will for sure be there in 2012

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