Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Top Floor - Hoxton Square - Salon Evening by Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

is an interactive gallery art space 

Eleanor Linday-Fynn is a visual artist, photographer, and a sociologist a real innovator.
ELF tell us more about Top Floor an interactive gallery art space  in the video below

The Collector's Living Room
where the visitor becomes the owner

the collector spends his life accumulating art...

Jane Simpson's sculpture
'Head Cake with lost Marbles"

Hanz Hancock
'Framed Works'

a chaise longue...

Eleanor Linday-Fynn 

Portrait of Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn created by Ed Mirza

Ed Mirza

Ben Moore

"Do I Really Want To Be In This World?"
Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

Too School For Art School
Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

'What Are You Hoping To Find?'
Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

'Ignored Rejected And Now Banned'
Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn
Introducing her Gallery concept

Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn's
tour of the gallery

'Something that Looks Like Art But Isn't'
I. Think

'All Things Nice (Orange, Apple, Cherry, Lychee)'
Landon Peck

Landon Peck

Baccara Smart

Alex Chappel

Alex wearing something...colourful

Eleanor Lindsay-Fynn

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